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Software Garden, Inc., is a small software company founded in 1985 by Dan Bricklin. Dan is best known as the inventor of VisiCalc, the first computer spreadsheet as we know them today. Since early 1999, he has maintained a personal web site at with a biography, press information, many essays, and a weblog.

The company was named for the city in which it was founded, Newton, Massachusetts, also known as the "Garden City". (Nabisco's "Fig Newton" cookies were named after the same city, believe it or not.)

Picture of sign with Welcome to Newton, The Garden City

Over the years Software Garden has published a variety of software tools developed by Dan, its president, including the popular and award-winning Dan Bricklin's Demo Program and Dan Bricklin's Demo II Program.

Original Demo Program diskette SPA Award for Best Programming Tool

Demo II package SPA Award for Best Programming Tool

After several years of dormancy in the product arena Software Garden become more active in 2004 starting with the release of new products, including ListGarden, and, in 2005, a training video. It has always provided consulting services (usually performed by Dan), and continues to do so.

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